Saturday, August 26, 2006


I met a man in church today who was from Africa. I'd say he was in his late 20s. He wanted to know if I would help him find a small group or Bible study. I asked him where in Africa he was from. He was hesitant to tell me. He asked, "Do you know Africa?" I said that I did. He asked me, "How do you know Africa? Have you ever been there?"

I said I had just returned from Africa two weeks ago. He looked shocked (of course). And then he smiled.

I am still in shock that I was in Africa two weeks ago. Still in shock that I walked amongst people who'd suffered from a horrible horrible genocide that took the lives of 1 million people in 100 days. I am still in shock, in awe at the beauty of the land and of the people of Africa.

So, my question for you, my readers (and I hope I still have a few out there because it's been nearly a month since I really blogged or read your blogs...but I have been praying for you...)...My question for you is,


Do you know that it is predicted that the Rwandan population will increase to 16 million by the year 2020 and that the country is roughly the size of Maryland?

Do you know the current life expectancy is 44? And that the average annual income is $250?

Do you know that the food is simple and yet delicious? That the people are kind and generous? That their hearts beat for Jesus the same as yours and mine? Do you know that between Kenya and Rwanda, I heard Kenny Rodgers', "The Gambler" song at least half a dozen times!?

Here are just a few photos, as promised that I was able to upload tonight (PRAISE GOD!!!!)


It was here where we met and discussed the problems in the sector we were chosen to serve. This public official was generous enough to allow us to stop by and ask a few questions about the healthcare, education and commerce/agriculture in our area. He was educated in Kenya and India. I was impressed that he had returned home to Rwanda to serve in this poor community. His office was dark and cramped. I don't believe the building had electricity and I doubt there was any running water. And although this man was not completely forthcoming about the problems his Sector is facing in regards to care for those with HIV/AID and education, he was there. He was serving and he was kind enough to speak with us.

By "forthcoming" I mean that he told us that HIV testing was occurring and that medication was free. We found this was not the case when we visited the clinic. And he mentioned that the law forbids parents to keep children home from school. Of course, it is the law, however, it isn't one of those laws that isn't being enforced. (below are some photos of the clinic)

But I would be foolish to guess why he said the things he said. I couldn't imagine myself in his position. The pastor we were working with appears on the far left. The younger man in the white shirt is the official.


These people were amazing. I mean, their hearts were warm and their love-language, friendly. The area in which we served had no running water and no electricity. Many of the children were without shoes or proper clothing. But the smiles...the was most humbling.


When I spoke to the people, I really felt the Holy Spirit was guiding my words. I said to them that I appreciated their authenticity. I was grateful they held little back about their pains: their hungry children, their need for books for the schools and medicine. I was grateful they told us these things without shame and then embraced us and fed us. They loved on us, when we were sent to love on them. That reciprocal love crushed me on the inside. I felt so unworthy of it. It was as though they were Christ Himself, loving me without condition. Loving me just because I was there to love.

I remember telling them that Jesus had showed the disciples the wounds in his hands and feet. He showed them he'd been pierced. To show them he had died and been resurrected. I said to the people, that Rwanda had died and was now resurrected.

As you read my post, please stop and say a prayer for Rwanda. Thank God for their witness to us as a nation renewed by the blood of Christ.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello All,

I have had a troublesome time trying to post something of my trip to Rwanda. As much as I love to blog, I just haven't found much time to do so after returning home from Rwanda. Forgive me, fellow bloggers!

Rwanda was wonderful. Just wonderful. It was a trip that will inspire my heart forever. I loved the people. I loved their desire and love for Christ. And I am humbled by the way the expressed their affection for me.

I have wanted so much to post photos but haven't had the time since returning. They will come later...but know that I am doing okay and that I will write as soon as I've the time. Since returning home I've had so little spare time to myself. My job has kept me hopping and now, I'm helping get my son ready for his junior year in high school!

I pray all of YOU are well. More later...

In Christ,

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hello All,

I want to post something prolific, something grand or really really deep regarding my trip but I don't know if I have the words...not yet at least.

I felt the presence of God so strongly. I felt how small I am. How big He is. This was not a trip I could have survived on my own strength. It was ALL GOD.

I may wait to write about Rwanda for now. I need some time to let it settle in. But I promise I will be blogging very soon and pictures will follow as well!

In Christ,

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hello Friends,

I didn't exactly say that I was leaving for Rwanda 2 weeks ago. My church asked that I not openly disclose our travel plans. So I chose not to post that I was leaving for Africa but I felt that those of you who have been reading my blog for the past couple of months would "get the idea."

So, now I'm back. And although I'm a bit tired this morning. I wanted to get in a quick blog post.

Rwanda was amazing. The people were so loving and inspiring to me. Here are a couple of photos from my trip. Please enjoy and I will share more later.

Thank you to those of you who were praying for me and my team. And thank you for journeying with me through 40 Days of Praise! You're awesome! What I experienced in Rwanda will change my life forever. I arrive home feeling closer to God and more thankful for my life in Christ than ever before.