Thursday, March 15, 2007


My goodness, friends. It seems so long since I've blogged. I miss coming here to write and to think. It's been a part of my spiritual life in such a big way.

At the begining of the year I had big plans to slow down. Well, that didn't actually happen. It was my desire to work less at my "regular job" and spend more time in ministry. But it would seem God had other plans and my regular job required more of my time than I had ever bargained for. So I haven't written much lately.

Things are going well with Radford. Although we are in a long-distance relationship, I still feel that he is close to me everyday. He's been very creative with calls, emails and text messages. I am not ashamed to say (and I know he reads my blog now too) that I'm in love.

Things with my son have gone quite well. Since moving back in with his father full time he seems to be more peaceful. The back and forth stuff is finally over for my young man. I never realized how hard this had been for him over the years. I praise God that he had the courage to stand up to me and his father and just say "enough is enough." My son continues doing all the things he loves, diving completely into his graphic and performance arts. I'm so proud of him. God has blessed me so.

And, last but certainly not least...I will be returning to Rwanda again soon. I'm so excited about this. I'd like to ask for all of your prayers that I may blog another 40 Days of Praise before leaving. I just feel that I'd like to do something like this. Pray that I have the time and the energy to launch this. I loved doing it so much last year.

I miss all of you and do read your blogs every chance I get. Yet during this busy season right now, I am not often leaving comments. But know you are in my prayers.

God Bless,