Friday, November 30, 2007


Hi Friends,

Yea - I'm only on Blogger now and then these days...check me out maybe on MYSPACE. Shoot me an email and I'll send you back the address.

MYSPACE - sad, isn't it? But I love it, strange place that it is. Been focusing a lot on my relationship with Radford that we are generally burning up the phone lines in the evenings instead of me sitting at my computer alone, writing.

God is good.

I'm a born-writer - sure. But being in love has had its benefits. We got engaged 2 weeks ago. These photos are of me on the day he proposed. One is of me on the Northern Coast of California. The other, in a Pinot Noir vineyard near his home. Near what will be my home next year. What a trip.

I left ministry (as an on-staff person) at my church last Easter. I didn't blog too much about it at the time feeling highly conflicted in my decision. I focused on weekly counseling, spending more quality time with my father whom I had reconcilled with 2 years ago and spending time with Radford and his sons in Northern California. God blessed every moment of it.

It was really tough to do something for myself and not for others but I can see how spending more "me" time has spilled over into the far corners of my life. I am still madly in love with God but am getting to know Him more intimately. His grace, His awesome power, His love.

So I will be leaving Southern California in 3 months to embark on a new adventure. I'll keep ya'll posted!