Friday, May 11, 2007


I've fallen out of the discipline of blogging but I longed to post tonight. I want to thank the Lord for my wonderful son, Forrest, and express what it means to me to be celebrating Mother's Day this weekend.

I have a wonderful and talented son who really loves me. I think back to those days when he'd search through his toy box for just the right amount of toys to take into the bathtub with him. Or the times when he'd want me to "throw" him on the bed and pretend I was an evil witch making stew out of him. He was such a fun child to be around and his smiles continue to light my life.

Son, you changed my world 17 years ago and I love you. What a blessing it is to be among women who will be honored this Sunday. Lord, you bless me every day with a terrific son.